Dr. Susan Echt Ritter


Susan Ritter is a board-certified family medicine doctor who completed medical training at the University of Colorado before completing her residency in family medicine at the University of Arizona. She pursued family medicine as a way to achieve her goal of keeping families healthy and preventing disease. However, she found that our healthcare system focuses more on disease control and symptom management than wellness, prompting her to complete an integrative medicine fellowship exploring nutrition, botanicals and dietary supplements, mind-body medicine, and complementary practices. Over the last five years, she has used a patient-centered, integrative approach to promote wellness in her family medicine outpatient practice.

In her role as medical advisor at E Squared Health, Susan educates the health coaching team on pertinent medical topics and safe use of supplements. She reviews initial client data to ensure clients can safely participate in health coaching. She also provides consultation support for health coaches, working individually with clients, if needed.