How to Make the Most of Your Free Month.

Tip #1: Ditch the “all or nothing” mindset.

Chances are, during some point in your journey to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ve taken this approach. You know the one -- “I am going to eat a healthy breakfast every single day” or “I’m going to give up sugar...forever”. And then about two weeks in, you realize that your birthday is right around the corner, or that you have a brunch with friends coming up, and your plan goes out the window. And then you quit that behavior all together.

If you are truly seeking a lifestyle change, focus on words like “consistency” and “manageable”. It might take a little longer to see changes (see tip #2 below), but the changes you make will feel maintainable, realistic, and just plain easier.

Your coach will work with you to set 1-3 behavior based goals at time (that’s what research tells us is a range that is do-able).

Tip #2: Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Honesty time! In your first month, your coach might ask you to do things that make you downright uncomfortable. For example:

  • Stop tracking your calories for the month.

  • Workout LESS.

  • Meditate.

  • Take out a certain food group for 30 days (gluten, dairy, added sugar, soda).

  • Be more mindful when you eat rather than trying to “portion control”.

  • Say nice things to yourself about your body.

  • Try foods you normally wouldn’t eat.

But making change often includes doing things that push you (at least slightly) out of your comfort zone. Let’s face it. If certain behaviors came that easily to you, you’d already be doing them! Trust your coach, but communicate with them as well (see tip #3). You might surprise yourself with what you’re able to do, and the results you can see in just one month by challenging yourself to do things a little differently!

Tip #3: Lean on your coach.

While we appreciate clients who are motivated, on-task, and willing to do anything we ask, we still want to hear from you! Throughout your free month, take advantage of the 24/7 access to your coach that we provide. No question is silly, and we LOVE hearing from you -- truly! Throughout your free month, we encourage you to reach out to your coach if you need advice, or even want to share some early successes.

Your coach will be reaching out to you as well to check in. We know life is busy, and don’t expect to hear from you two minutes later, but please respond when you can! It lets us know that you’re engaged, and helps us to better help you!

Tip #4: Track your behavior-based goals.

During your first month, you’ll be using our web and mobile-based coaching platform (Healthie). This platform gives you the ability to track the daily and weekly behavior goals that you set with your coach. Making change first comes from awareness to what needs to be changed. Using the platform to see your goals daily, and track them off as you complete them is one of the best forms of accountability.

Over time, as you continue to track goals, you will be able to correlate your results to the behaviors that you stuck with consistently, which will help you to ingrain the behavior with the desired result, creating long term change!

Tip #5: Finish the month.

Finishing the month may seem like an obvious way to get the most out of it, but we have had clients decide not to continue their month for various reasons.

“I already messed up on my goals, so why continue?”

“I don’t think I can afford these services, so I am just going to quit now.”

“I don’t think anything has changed yet. This isn’t working for me.”

You owe it to yourself to complete the whole month! Messed up on your goals? That is okay! Your coach does not expect perfection, and since “taking it slow” may be a new approach for you (see #2), it might take more than a month to get used to NOT changing everything at once!

Completing the month by doing your reassessment (whether that’s in person or virtual) is just as important as the initial assessment. Knowing what changed, and by how much, is powerful data to empower you to keep the momentum going, to nudge you to take on a little more if you’re able, or perhaps change your approach altogether.

No matter what, just remember, you’ve done what is often the hardest part — starting. Be proud of that! We are just excited that you’re here, and sincerely look forward to the opportunity to continue to support you in reaching your goals.

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