Kayla Hulsebus


Masters in Nutrition; Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics  

Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Precision Nutrition Certified (In progress)

Kayla's passion for health and wellness starts with her own life where she was a college athlete which directed her into the field of nutrition. Her goal was to be able to educate the process of fueling athletes properly to allow for the highest level of performance to be obtained and prevention of injury which frustrated her about her college experience.

She completed her bachelors in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Wisconsin Stout with one of the best dietetics programs in the nation. Unique to stout is 1200 hour of field experience is needed to be able to graduate. This got her off to a quick start with experience before she even had her license. After graduating she moved across the US to Dallas, Texas where she completed her dietetic internship and earned her Masters degree through Abilene Christian University. Kayla got a wide variety of experiences through her internship with it being the only poverty based internship in the nation. After completing her internship she has had a wide variety of experience in the nutrition world working in weight management & health coaching, clinical dietetics, as well as working in an integrative medicine clinic which is her pride and joy. Kayla brings to the table a huge passion for helping people to optimize and improve their gut health, determine their food sensitivities, and well as build a healthy relationship with food for long term success.