No two bodies are the same!

Contrary to popular belief, optimal health is not based on a simple math equation, a one-size-fits all workout program, or meal a plan.

Participating in a full month of coaching allows us to gather info about you, your body, and your lifestyle so that we can make strategic recommendations and help you achieve success.


Your free month of coaching includes:

  • An E Squared Assessment to gather baseline data about your body composition, fitness, and movement abilities (a virtual option is also available!)

  • A 60-minute discovery call to learn about your goals, health history, and habits

  • A custom roadmap and a 30-minute call to review

  • A 30-minute follow up coaching call

  • A 30-minute follow up assessment of body composition, fitness, and movement abilities (this is where we measure the progress you’ve made!)

You'll learn:

  • How to make manageable, effective habit changes instead of “all or nothing” approaches that can make you feel like a failure

  • What your symptoms might be telling you about your internal health

  • How your hormones may be influencing where you store body fat

  • The right type of exercise for your individual goals

What happens after my free month?

Your coach will discuss recommendations for ongoing coaching to help you reach your goals, taking into account your budget, your needs, and your lifestyle. We’ll also talk about how that plan may change over time as you make progress towards your long-term goals.

Learn more about our service options after you’ve completed your free month.