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A plan that's realistic?
A plan that gets you measurable resultS?

You shouldn't have to choose.

Contrary to popular belief, optimal health is not based on “calories in, calories out”, a one-size-fits-all workout program, or a meal plan.

Let the experts at E Squared Health guide you through a personal approach to health and wellness. Our coaches learn you—your lifestyle, your fitness goals, and your needs to build a roadmap that helps you attain and maintain your health goals.


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The Full Package

This is our signature service and the ultimate boost to reaching your goals. You'll receive a custom plan, 3 virtual coach meetings
, 2 robust assessments, and 24/7 access to your coach for ongoing guidance, support, and encouragement.

A Custom Plan

If the full package sounds like too much of a commitment right now, or you like your independence, this is the starting place for you. This option provides you with a plan that you can run with on your own, 2 virtual coach meetings, and an assessment.

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You'll learn:

➞ How to make manageable, effective habit changes instead of “all or nothing” approaches that can make you feel like a failure.

➞ What your symptoms might be telling you about your internal health

➞ How your hormones may be influencing where you store body fat

➞ The right type of exercise for your individual goals