Ann Kahout


Registered Dietitian

B.S. Dietetics; Minor, Corporate and Community Fitness

M.S. Dietetics

Precision Nutrition Level 1 – In progress

Ann graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and directly went on to complete a combined Master of Science in Dietetics and internship program to obtain her RD license at Loyola University Chicago. She has more than 7 years of experience in providing wellness and nutritional support in various capacities including inpatient and outpatient dietitian services as well as involvement within corporate and community healthy lifestyle programs and educating high school students in her dietetic internship. She has also worked with clients in weight loss and with food manufacturers in the regulatory department pertaining specifically to food labels.

Ann has a passion for fitness and bodybuilding which led her to compete in 4 natural bodybuilding shows within the past 2 years. Nutrition has been the backbone and the science behind her success in achieving a “stage ready” physique that led her to place in the top 5 at every show. Ann has worked hard in creating a balanced lifestyle post show as well as throughout her whole life and understands first-hand the struggles many people experience with body weight and trying to achieve optimal health.