Andrew Middleton

Movement & Exercise Expert

B.A. in Exercise Science, Concentration in Biomedical Studies

Z-health R-Phase, Z-Health I-Phase, Z-Health Structure

NASM Personal Training Certification, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

3D Maps: Gray Institute

Precision Nutrition Level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 2

CHEK Institute Program Design, CHEK Institute Advanced Program Design

CHEK Institute Scientific Core, CHEK Institute Scientific Back

CHEK Institute Scientific Shoulder , Metabolic Technician Certified

Andrew is an experienced, energetic, and certified fitness and nutrition expert with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a Biomedical Concentration. He carries 10+ years direct experience working with clients, athletes, and patients to remove the roadblocks to their health and wellness goals. His unique background and experience working within an integrated medical practice pushed him to challenge the status quo of health management, and has since lead him to E Squared Health where he looks to build the best and most effective health coaching services in the country.

Through his experience, Andrew has seen the meaningful impact that nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change has on someone’s life. He believes that everyone’s path and journey to health and wellness is unique to them, and so the approach and support they receive must be customized to the individual. Andrew is thrilled to have the ability to engage and interact with his clients 24/7 and sets his sights on changing the lives of millions of Americans.